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How to keep the attention of the interlocutor?

Many of us do not think that talking in chatroulette sites spokesman drew attention not only to what you say. That's what you need to remember that the source immediately wanted to strike up a dialogue with you.

Snow-white smile

Smile operates smoothly at all, as long as it was genuine. Remember the sales manager, their faces shine with broad smiles, but there is in them something that makes shiver and feel uncomfortable, it's - insincerity. Successful businessmen, diplomats use smile with more wisely. They have such smile, like is a precious gift, it appears only a few times during the negotiations.

Seeing chat roulette pleasant companion, don’t rush in smile at first seconds assess partner, and then slowly smile. This way you will emphasize that your smile is meant to him. So, sometimes people are hurry to smile, as they say, "Look what I can," instead of some wait and then saying: "Look how I like you." So, That’s why, smile should appear after a few seconds after the meeting, so it will cause more credible interlocutor.

Just stand in front of a mirror and smile few times. Then notice how diverse your smile can be and remember the best. Let your friend will act as a critic, and then just work out to your friends. If you could call them special favor, you come upon a secret attraction smile.


A woman in love always produces dilated pupils and a man always see this, not even giving himself a report in this. That is why the dim light creates the impression of intimacy. In low-light conditions, pupils dilate, and this is a direct signal to the "alert".

Talking in chat roulette, look in pupils of interlocutor, they can tell us about his true feelings and intentions. The look can be as eloquent. If person you talk with is hiding something from you, he/she will often look away. This should be avoided. In order to win over the interlocutor, try to look him straight in the eyes.

Women can use some "fire eyes" technique. When they are not interested in the source, they are long and cold look at one point.


You probably happened looking at the stranger immediately determine that it is confident and successful. What are its main features? Of course, it is confident posture.

You can remember the bright, pleasant event, the recovery and then you have experienced how happy you are. That moment is automatically lifted your head, straightened shoulders and on your face there is a nice smile. Noticed?

Simple, isn’t it? So, these simple tips help you make good impression after the first seconds of dating chat roulette.