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How to learn to flirt with a guy

Not every woman knows how to flirt. By the special characteristics of women is the ability to please, to seduce, flirt and bewitch. In principle, every woman has these qualities inherent nature; you just need to skillfully and time to uncover them.

These tips are suitable for flirt in real life, and to communicate through web cam on the Internet, one of the sites like chatroulette.

Show your interest

Alas, the guys are not clairvoyants and, unlike us, women, absolutely not intuitive, so to start, show interest in his person. Just before starting answer why you are going to flirt with a guy, because it effects on how to "play".

If you want just a little bit to unwind and have some fun, you cannot try much, but if you're waiting for the development of any relationship, you have to try a little bit more. So, in order to show your interest use the following tips.

Beckoned with gaze

Look is the main female weapon, against which it is very hard to resist. No wonder they say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. A look can say much more than words. That is why eye contact is the first step on the road to success, if you decided to attract the attention of a young man.

A play with words

Flirt is not suitable boring conversations about the weather and exchange rates. Also, there should be no awkward pauses unless expectant. Most changes the subject, confusing the interlocutor in the tangles of his thoughts and words. Behave playfully bit cheeky and defiant. Say suit caustic jokes, but not about the young man. Most likely, he will behave well, so do not give him the descent. Do not be embarrassed and red with a hint of his phrases that are sure to follow, answer always confident, but evasive.

Make it so that the impression that you yourself "sailed" into his hands and is now gradually "slipping away» and he does not catch you if you do not want to.


The second woman's arms are a smile. Smiling girl always attracts the views of interested young people, because it emanates from the positive and good mood.

Show your sexuality

If you took up the matter seriously and want to flirt with a guy, effectively, it is time to show you in all glory. Remember, you are the goddess, so it would be nice to complete your collection of fans and admirers.

I am sure that all parts of your body deserve five points on a scale, but still will focus only on some of them, the most exciting of any potential suitor. I'll give a hint: hair, wrist, neck, chin and neck area.

It is on these parts of the body guys usually delay, when you touch them. Try to play on live bait, touch it, for instance, to the wrist, while demonstrating the fragility of your hand. Believe me, it will lead him.