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On the road to healthy sleep

So, oversleeping is harmful, lack of sleep is even greater harm. However, most of people suffering from lack of sleep. Let's try give a few tips that may help you once again to reconsider your habits and adjust them to your sleep was full and productive working day.

1. There is no escape from the first Board → take a nap during the day - very useful

Yes, we already anticipate a storm of indignation in the comments: "Where can I take a nap in the office, where besides me 10 more people?!", "What is the chief allowed to sleep on the job?" Etc. Well, to this we say that we are all people, and you can still try to find a common language with his superiors and colleagues and at lunch to secure a 20 minute sleep. And you wanted to do it, give several arguments in favor of short sleep, although we have already talked a lot about it in our blog. If you prefer chat roulette for girls  – check out this one.

Nap during the entire 20 minutes and you will restore your care and increase productivity.

Determine what time you feel a special energy slump? It is at this hour, you must assign a breather; at the end of the day you are still full of energy, not squeezed like a lemon, and as a consequence, be more productive and have great pleasure to spend an evening. Those who believe that he could not sleep for 20-30 minutes, after this dream, they feel even more frustrated, suggested still try for a few days regularly doze off, but strictly no more than 30 minutes. Soon the body will get used to this schedule and you will appreciate all the advantages of daytime respite. By the way, this is important - it is desirable to nap in the same time each day, and the same number of minutes. If you visit our roulette chat room you’ll definitely will enjoy it ;)

2. Start the ritual retreat to night's sleep

Why not a ritual washing and brushing your teeth, for example? But this is not so simple. The ritual should be pleasant for you, you must be willing to commit it, while washing and brushing your teeth - it is rather a necessity. And most importantly, the evening ritual sets you free from the worries of the previous day, to prepare for a good night. Here's what you can try to use as a ritual:

  • A short (20 minute) walk. You cool off and a little lead in the order of thoughts during it.
  • Reading fiction. It is should be an imaginative literature instead of professional reading, and it will allow you to immerse yourself in another world, and sympathizing with the heroes, forget about your own affairs for short time.